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DTL 7300 Analog Multiplex

The Granger DTL-7300 is an analog direct-to-line multiplexing system that combines multiple discrete signals into one composite transmission signal (base-band). The DTL-7300 multiplex equipment provides the means for interfacing individual circuits (radio, voice, or data) with analog microwave radios. For each circuit transported over analog microwave, a corresponding multiplex channel modem is required on each end of the circuit. A DTL-7300 system can furnish a single circuit or a fully implemented system of up to six hundred channels.

DTL 7350 Universal Term Set

With the DTL-7350 every type of interconnection to a public or private telephone or data network is possible. The DTL-7350 offers FXO, FXS, 4W E&M (Type I, II, III & IV) and by-pass mode assemblies.



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