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Microwave Services

Broadband wireless networks providing IP based packet switched data as well as legacy TDM voice and data circuits are blossoming because of the low latency characteristics associated with many of the new microwave radio products offered by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) such as Avat Networks, NEC, Alcatel Lucent, Ceragon, Exalt, and the numerous new E Band manufacturers. Granger telecom has the experience installing these radio products, especially in the IP environment, as well as designing point to point microwave paths to ensure a high quaiity network that exceed the mosl demanding communications criteria.

At Granger Telecom, we offer microwave radio equipment, licensed and un-licensed, from manufacturers such as Harris, Alcatel, Exalt, and Ceragon. We also maintain an inventory of microwave antennas, waveguide and transmission line. Granger Telecom can provide equipment from a vast number of industry known manufacturers such as, RFS Systems and Andrew for antennas and coaxial line, with DC power distribution equipment and batteries furnished from C&D Technologies and other manufacturers. Digital multiplexers, channel banks, network management systems, and other ancillary equipment are available and can be provided from various manufacturers as well.

Microwave Radio

Granger Telecom uses experienced certified radio technicians and experienced certified tower climbers on all projects. We have extensive experience installing and testing the latest technology IP interfaced radios as well as legacy microwave products utilizing T1's, D53, SONET, SDH, including experience with the change out of analog networks converting to digital. Our experience includes the radio installation and testing, installation of antenna systems alignment and optimization, waveguide sweeping, commissioning, and We provide tailored maintenance contracts to customer requirements for response time, emergency traffic affecting on site support, and non traffic affecting, and Warehousing spares.

Digital Multiplex

Our experience and expertise with digital multiplex include but not limited to, Coastcom, Zhone, Harris Intraplex, Telco Systems, GE JungleMux, RAD channel banks and Fibermux, and Carrier Access. Granger's technicians are quick to learn and quick to adapt, to deftly install and test the wide array of digital multiplex and cross-connect systems in use today.

Ancillary Equipment

Granger Telecom also has several years of extensive training and experience working with Andrew connectors and pressurization systems, Anritsu Site Master, PPC and Eupen connectors, as well as many industry others.  Additionally, we have an extensive background in working with several manufacturers of microwave alarm and order wire systems.

Microwave Engineering

Granger telecom has inahouse microwave path design expertise, including path calculations, path profiles, site & field path surveys, filing necessary regulatory license applications, filing with frequency coordinators for frequencies, and we use the latest versions of PathLoss software for all design Work. Granger telecom has the experience and expertise to engineer your network from inception through completion.

Please call for a pre-sales consultation with a member of our staff. We will assist you in selecting the right wireless equipment for your application.