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Capabilities Statement

Corporate Overview

Founded in 1956, Granger Telecom provides a full-spectrum of turnkey microwave radio engineering and deployment services. Granger Telecom has earned an excellent reputation deploying systems all over the world.  Customer service is paramount throughout our company. We have garnered a track record for providing superior customer service and satisfaction to our clients, including State & Local Governments, Wireless Service Providers, ILECS, CLECS, and a plethora of industrial users.

Granger Telecom has provided services directly to the user and as a sub-contractor to virtually every major microwave radio manufacturer in the country.  We can operate as a turn-key provider to the end user, or in support of a manufacturer-lead effort.  Our San Antonio-area facility has 6000 square feet of office and warehouse space, and is situated on three acres of land.  From this facility we offer a variety of support functions including staging, assembly and testing.  This location is also the hub for our engineering department and program managers.

A significant strength of Granger Telecom is our ability to perform as a turnkey provider.  We can provide all facets of a project from concept to completion. We can assist in market analysis, path analysis, site engineering and civil works, tower works, and equipment installation.  Additionally, the Granger Telecom fiber optic division is well versed in interconnecting microwave and fiber.  Our fiber optic division provides a full range of services, both inside plant and outside plant.  We are Telecommunications Systems Specialists.

Microwave Services

Despite the increased demand for fiber optics throughout the United States, a viable need for wireless communications systems continues to exist and is in high demand.  Our customers rely on high-speed microwave radio systems in remote areas, mountains and locations where a point-to-point wireless solution is more practical and cost effective than deploying fiber optics.  The wireless industry continues to evolve and expand rapidly, and Granger Telecom is uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of the expanding microwave "backhaul" industry with over 50 years of industry experience and expertise.  We are currently working on client projects for deployment of 3G, 4G, and WiMAX wireless technologies.  We take pride in our reputation to meet and exceed our client's expectations by completing projects efficiently, safely, and on-schedule.  Within the last five years, our installation teams have successfully completed projects in the areas depicted on the map below.  At Granger Telecom, our employees are the hallmark of our success.



Our expertise in application, path, and system design engineering are crucial to our success. Critical factors that may potentially impact the quality and reliability of the microwave project are addressed and are evaluated, with the cost impact factored into the design of the system. Granger Telecom will evaluate the following in preparation of the system design:

Granger Telecom will assist in the selection and acquisition of the appropriate equipment, materials, and services to complete a deployment, as applicable to the particular project.  Our experience and expertise in system integration and application engineering promises optimum performance while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Equipment Acquisition

Granger Telecom is well versed and highly capable of procuring all equipment, materials, and related services to complete a system deployment. Our specialty is providing our clients with a turnkey project, and we are well versed in both analog and digital technologies.

We have supply agreements with most manufacturers of microwave radio, both licensed and unlicensed. Granger Telecom also has purchasing agreements with several ancillary equipment manufacturers.  With these strategic agreements, Granger Telecom is positioned to competitively quote and provide all major equipment and ancillary systems required, such as microwave radios, multiplex, digital cross-connect systems, DC battery and charging systems, antennas, waveguide, and pressurization systems, as well as towers and equipment shelters.

Project Management

Utmost attention is given to the vital role of project management.  Each step of a project is organized, documented, and reviewed to maintain maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  This reinforces adherence to the client project schedule and budget.

Our project managers take responsibility for every facet of deployment to include:


In the event a client feels it is more advantageous to lease equipment facilities, Granger Telecom can offer a pure lease arrangement.  In this scenario, the total cost of the system would be placed on a pure lease.  At the end of the lease period, the lease may be cancelled or renewed.  This allows a client to expense the cost of the system and to have the peace of mind and assurance that the system will always meet capacity requirement.  Upgrading capacity during the lease period would be quick and cost effective.  The renewal period is an excellent opportunity to make more significant changes in the system.

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